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Welcome, friends!

My name is Lauren Nelson and I am an AUTHOR , LIFE COACH, and SPEAKER

I LOVE to encourage and inspire young and old to DREAM BIG and overcome their obstacles, so they can run unrestrained into their God given purpose!


A Little About Me

Let’s imagine that you are sitting on my couch, and we are drinking a creamy cup of coffee and eating a yummy treat together.

Now…let’s get to know each other! 

I have two kids, a boy and a girl, and I’m married to the most handsome and hilarious guy on the planet. I have a degree in Religion from Pacific Lutheran University, and I absolutely LOVE learning about the historical and cultural context of the Bible. It makes the Bible come to life!


Breaking Through My Fear

Sadly, like many children, I was abused as a young child, and from that point forward I lived bound by fear. It was not until I learned that the Lord’s love is stronger than fear that I found breakthrough.

My breakthrough came through my personal experiences with God and through the stories of the men and women in the Bible who encountered God’s love and freedom in the midst of their difficulties.

I want everyone—young and old—to know that God can bring redemption and healing to the deepest parts of their hearts, where shame or regret dwell. His love changes everything!

I love teaching and equipping through inspirational stories, whether it be personal, Biblical, or testimonies of other champions of the Christian faith. I have more than 20 years of ministry experience with children, teens, and adults, and my greatest passion is helping people overcome their fears and embrace the freedom found in their God-given purpose.


A New Calling: Writing

Has God ever spoken something over your life that you thought there was NO WAY it would ever come to pass?

Seven years ago, I was overwhelmed with raising two young kids and was dealing with crippling anxiety. One night, at my lowest point, my husband said to me, “Let’s pray and see what God wants to say to you.” I closed my eyes (reluctantly) and quietly waited... I heard nothing. But suddenly my husband said, “God is calling you an ‘Author.’ He says you’re going to write books.”

I felt like Sarah in the Bible who was ninety years old when God told her she would get pregnant! I wanted to laugh—and not with joy, but with disbelief.

All I could see was my anxiety and fear. But, praise God, He was bigger than my doubt!


My first book, SHEROES of the Bible was published by Morgan James Publishing in December 2021.

God was right!

For anyone who may be feeling stuck and in need of a breakthrough, I want you to know that we are all on an adventure with the Lord. Sometimes parts of our story are dark, but the Lord promises to bring hope to every heart that looks to Him for breakthrough. He writes our story, and He always gets the victory, no matter how dark, scary, or difficult the journey is.

God is in control. He always wins!

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