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To all the mamas out there with ketchup in your messy bun, and boogers on your shirt, I see you!

Being a mom is not for the faint of heart, and just as we all need a massive dose of caffeine to get us through the day, we also need a sizeable dose of encouragement. It only takes a few uplifting or inspiring words to motivate us to keep going when, at times, we want to throw down the laundry and give up.

Hey Mama, You're Killin' It! includes 30 days of why mamas are remarkable. Each daily encouragement reminds moms that our compassion, strength, courage, passion, and much more are changing the world, one decision to love at a time.

What's included in the 30 days of encouragement?

• 30 reasons why you are amazing

• Why you, mama, need encouragement

• A daily encouraging message to remind you that you're not alone, and

    you're changing the world, one diaper at a time

• Prompts to remind you to value and embrace self-care in the daily hustle

• A list of relaxation techniques to help you maximize your moments of rest



Introduction: Why Mamas Need Encouragement

30 Reasons Why You’re Amazing

Day 1: Intuition  |  Day 2: Perseverance  |  Day 3: Inspiration

Day 4: Sacrifice  |  Day 5: Growth  |  Day 6: Laughter

Day 7: Friendship  |  Day 8: Peace  |  Day 9: Transformation

Day 10: Admiration  |  Day 11: Strength  |  Day 12: Comfort

Day 13: Unique  |  Day 14: Purpose  |  Day 15: Courage

Day 16: Forgiveness  |  Day 17: Confidence  |  Day 18: Humility

Day 19: Guidance  |  Day 20: Passion  |  Day 21: Responsibility

Day 22: Compassion  |  Day 23: Builder  |  Day 24: Unstoppable

Day 25: Masterpiece  |  Day 26: Reflection  |  Day 27: Beauty

Day 28: Fun  |  Day 29: Consistency  |  Day 30: Fearless

Final Thoughts  |  About the Author


“Successful mothers are not the ones that have never struggled. They are the ones that never give up, despite the struggles."       Sharon Jaynes, Author/Speaker


Day 1


Have you ever known something with certainty, but you were unable to explain just how you knew it to be true? This is intuition. It is instinctively knowing something without the use of rational processes. It also has been described as a “gut feeling” or “sixth sense.”

Moms are highly intuitive.


This is a fact that many scientists and doctors recognize.

There are countless documented cases of moms intuitively knowing when their children were in danger, even if they were not physically near their child. Moms have often felt a strong urge to remove their child from a situation, only to realize that their action avoided tragedy.

All too often, we have been proven right when insisting something was wrong with our child’s health, despite a doctor’s reassurance.

We are emotionally and intrinsically connected to our children. When we give birth, it’s only the physical connection that is severed. Our emotional connection remains, and we become deeply invested in the welfare and growth of that precious being. This intense intimacy is what produces the purest depth of love, forgiveness, empathy, and understanding that moms are revered for.

Mama, your intuition is a gift!


     5.0 out of 5 stars: Perfect Gift for Mamas

"Love this book! I was so encouraged and inspired each day and really felt like the author understood exactly what it's like being a mama. I felt so seen! This would be a perfect gift for any mama, especially a mom of young children."

     5.0 out of 5 stars: Just what I needed to hear

"Very helpful advice for mothers everywhere! Honestly, the part that stuck with me the most was the quote in the very beginning, about the perfect mother not existing but that not stopping you from becoming a good one. I've always believed perfection just doesn't exist in reality regardless of what you're talking about, but that doesn't alleviate the pressures of other people seeming to expect you to reach that impossible goal. Every section in this book was encouraging and supportive, definitely worth the read."

     5.0 out of 5 stars: I feel seen

"So, for background, I have twins in preschool, manage my household and run a business. I got this audio book to listen to while doing chores. It really helped me improve my mood. I found it interesting to think about what I do believe in contrast and move on. Overall, the positive messaging is definitely useful when you're cleaning up something unpleasant and you are pretty sure no one is going to notice or say thanks. The book includes a lot of quotes from authors and well-known folks which provide a basis for the affirmations beyond simply the author's opinion. The narrator's tone and inflection are spot on for the content. I would definitely recommend this book to a friend."

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