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“What a powerful read and spiritual weapon for our freedom!  I have known Lauren and her husband Kyle for 17 years.  They have helped me grow in freedom in Jesus personally and professionally in an enormous way.  I am grateful for who they are in my life, marriage, and ministry. This is a divinely inspired and anointed resource for the Kingdom of God.  Everyone experiencing any offenses in Spirit this is a must read.  Anyone desiring to know Jesus deeply and intimately this is a must read.  And anyone who has experienced any trauma or lost belief that you could be forgiven and free this is your pathway to freedom.  Laurens vulnerability and triumph over the darkness of trauma can and will transform anyone who does not know the fullness of life, joy and peace Jesus purchased for us. I was freshly convicted after 17 years of walking in freedom in Jesus teachings that there was a deeper work necessary within me regarding the traumas of my journey.  The Lord placed this mountain of truth in my path exactly when I needed it.  Whether you are a mature believer, non-believer or new believer, this book will BLESS you. 

Glory to God for what He has done in and through Lauren’s courage, freedom, and ministry of writing.”


Randy Chambers

NFL Chaplain and Founder and President of 4 Coaches International

A Garden in the Ashes

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